Rebuilding Kountry Korner

Kountry Korner, Kountry Korner… oh, that place that used to have all of the strange wooden gnomes outside?? Yep, that’s us. Our tribe purchased the plaza in 2017.

We have yet to make significant changes to it for many reasons, which all cascade into one word — timing. We currently have several pleasant tenants that have long-standing businesses in the plaza that flow together seamlessly; disrupting their businesses for a major remodel would not benefit anyone.

Right now we’re focused on making small improvements at a time- gas pump replacement was completed spring of 2020; rearrangement of store counters was completed in June 2020 to make more sense of layout and safety for our wonderful store team. We have big plans and visions for this busy vibrant corner; we are simply taking our time in choosing and implementing the correct ones for all communities involved.