Faith Williams


Faith Williams is the Noo-Kayet Board Treasurer and she is an enrolled member of Port Gamble S'Klallam tribe. She comes from a long line of strong business minded, spiritual, and cultural family. Her grandmother was the first PGST member to graduate from North Kitsap High School. Faith's heartfelt passion will always be to ensure that future generations experience abundance, culture, and education in the same manner her parents provide these items to her family. Faith and her family continue to teach their children the value in learning their native language, participating in the uniqueness of their songs and dances, and falling in love with both ocean-going canoes and war canoes. “The lyrics of our songs depict our historical truth and preserve the sacred literature of our people”.

Faith has been an entrepreneur since 2003, owning businesses on both tribal and non-tribal land. As a young child, attending Haskell Indian Nations University was a goal and she knew this would be the path to her future education. Graduating with a degree in Accounting, and an internship at the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), she is now the Accountant for the Point No Point Treaty Council. Faith is a member of the non-profit Tana Stobs Canoe Family and sits on their board as Treasurer. Faith is also the Chair of the Enrollment Board for the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe.