Jeromy Sullivan


Jeromy Sullivan, an enrolled member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, has served as an elected official of Tribal Council for nearly a decade, first as a Councilman for four years and currently as Tribal Chairman since 2010.

Prior to being elected to Tribal Council, Jeromy worked as an Information Technology Manager for the Tribe. In addition, for close to two decades, he has been a commercial Geoduck Harvester. This knowledge of natural resources has helped in his focus on the protection and restoration of Port Gamble Bay—part of the Tribe’s ancestral home—and other stewardship issues that directly affect treaty rights. He has also worked hard to secure the Tribe’s economic prosperity, bringing forth new initiatives that allow the Tribe to better meet its economic goals.

Jeromy and his wife Toni, along with their two children, live in Little Boston, the Tribe’s reservation.