Vision for Leadership

“To inspire and empower our team to create a unique and amazing experience for everyone.”

Leadership Philosophy

To earn the trust of our team members through communication and inclusion, and foster “safety” through engaged connection and becoming part of a family. Inspire innovation through openness to change, willingness to fail, and continuous pursuit of success and improvement. Create a compelling and memorable experience by understanding the needs of our customers, and exceeding their expectations.

Leadership Message

Messaging for and from all leaders is summed up below:

  • As leaders at NKI, we will do everything we can to develop our team members into successful leaders.
  • We will do what is best for individuals and for the company including providing opportunities to learn both new business skills and new life skills.
  • We are committed to being open to feedback; we believe that actively listening to feedback from direct reports down to front line team members is an opportunity to improve not only ourselves, but the organization as a whole.
  • Leaders will coach to a team member’s potential.
  • We aim to be positive, and to implement changes that are always meant to succeed, but we also accept and learn from occasional failure as a necessary part of the process for succeeding.
  • Leaders will be there to coach and guide employees to stay on track for success.